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An interactive game set designed to help professionals working within the higher education industry to explore the concept of a Theory of Change.

Working in partnership with the STEER/SETL department of Sheffield Hallam University and the higher education organisation AdvanceHE, a board-game style activity was designed.


The game-set included a set of designed game pieces, plus five black pieces for users to add their own ideas. The game-set also included an instructions booklet, four scenario cards and a project team card.

Upon completion of the project, the clients further commissioned additional game-sets, and the creation of two new game piece packs to act as expansions upon the original game.

Project Date: April-December 2022

Clients: Sheffield Hallam University, AdvanceHE.

For more information about how to access the project for use, visit:

Project Team:

Dr Liz Austen

Nathaniel Pickering

Catie Varley

James Corazzo
Jason Ruffell
Caroline Heaton
Jill Dickinson

ChangeBusters Playing Cards
ChangeBusters game boxes.
The ChangeBusters game being used in a conference workshop.
ChangeBusters game pieces inside of the box.
A close-up of the packaging design, which features the AdvanceHE and SHU logos.
ChangeBusters game pieces.
The ChangeBusters team card, principles card and scenario card.
The ChangeBusters team card and theory of change explaination.
The instruction booklet for the game, opened to the contents page.
Three ChangeBusters game pieces.
The principles for engagement card and the instruction booklet.
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