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Gender Studies - WRHR Posters

Two illustrated poster designs created with the aim of encouraging more students to choose optional gender studies courses and modules where available.

Posters were created using both Procreate and Adobe InDesign software. This project was created to form part of a student response to the Women's Rights are Human Rights Exhibition, curated by Elizabeth Resnick. These exhibitions were held in celebration of International Women's Day 2023.

Project Date: March 2022

Gender Studies - A Subject for Everyone. An A1 poster design raising awareness of the benefits that gender studies courses can have for students of all identities.

Poster Two: Women should be in our textbooks, not just our storybooks.

An A1 poster highlighting male-default thinking and the absence of women and female based examples within academic textbooks on all subjects. The poster shows the regeneration of a storybook - a place where women are often represented as 'damsels in distress' - into an academic textbook showing a female doctor.

Poster One: Gender Studies - A Subject for Everyone.

An A1 poster showing a diverse community of gender studies students. This poster was designed to counter the assumption that gender studies is a subject that is 'just for girls'. The poster design features real gender studies textbooks, as well as a short section of text explaining how gender studies courses can benefit students of all identities. 

Women need to be in our textbooks, not just our storybooks. A poster design to raise awareness of male-default thinking within academic textbooks, and to highlight the absence of female examples within these books.
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