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Gender Studies x Design Education

A design research project investigating current attitudes towards gender studies sujects within university settings, and to explore the potential for encorporating gender into the design curriculum.

To display the research, a hand-bound publication was created. As a tool to use during the formation of my final MA project, the book reaches it's conclusion by asking the question "How can I facilitate a space for the inclusion of gender studies witin the design curriculum?"

Project Date: March-May 2023

A pre-cursor project to my final MA studies project, which will be completed in January 2024.

The cover of the 'Gender Studies x Design Education' Book.
A spread within the 'Gender Studies x Design Education' book, titled 'Double Diamond Design Model'.
A close-up of one of the book illustrations, featuring two happy and two sad faces on an alternating diamond background.
A close-up photo of one of the illustrations within the book, featuring crosses, a lock and protest placards with the symbol of 'no' on them.
A close-up photo of an illustration from the book, featuring an eye on a squared grid background.
A spread within the 'Gender Studies x Design Education' book, titled 'Approximate distribution of university level gender studies within the UK'..
A close-up photo of the spine of the book, which is hand-stitched using pink cotton.
A close-up photo of the back cover of the book, featuring the text 'Written by Catie Varley'.
A close-up photo of a section of the book, titled 'Attitudes Towards Design Education'.
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